Who is that Kimber person?

Good question... I've often wondered that myself, and I really think that I should have a better clue than many others, not that that's necessarily the case... So if you get some insight, feel free to clue me in too.

I have found a few interesting spots where they attempt the explain what my name might mean... (These are completely random- found them on a web search- please have your grains of salt handy :) Unfortunately most have since disappeared, so this is the only one I have right now... perhapse more will appear later.

But enough about what others say! :) Hi, my name is Kimber(ley) Brumbaugh. I'm currently a 27 yo graduate of NC State's Communication Department (class of '95). Previous to that I attended North Iredell High School for two years then attended the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) for my junior and senior years of high school.

After graduating from NC State I worked for a little over 3 years at D.H. Hill Library in various positions from the Acquisitions department to the Reserve/Periodicals Department. I finally escaped in May of '99. I did contract work for a while where I wound up at GlaxoSmithKline (formerly Glaxo Wellcome) in RTP. I went permanent there in January of 2000 as an Archivist. It's a fun job and I work with a wonderful group of people. And I get to lock myself away in a little, window-less room and listen to the radio while I work- what more could I want?!?

There's not that much exciting going on in my life right now... though I never seem to have much free time. My life generally seems to be work, gym (on occasion), home for dinner, then relax for a little while and go to sleep to be ready for work the next morning. I have a bit more free time on the weekends, but that's not saying much.

I recently decided to upgrade from the '84 Toyota Tercel I've been driving forever and put myself in eternal debt by buying a new car. Somehow driving a car that no longer runs in cold weather, rain, and really bad humidity (humm... sounds like NC weather to me...) and with no AC, very little heat and absolutely no acceleration didn't seem like such a fun idea any more. I now am the very happy owner of a Honda CRV. I am also very broke. (so much for my house fund...)

Speaking of which... I am eagerly looking forward to the time when I can buy a house so that I can get a rather large dog. Apartments are not what I consider the best place to keep the kinds of dogs that I seem to like, so until that time I'll have to do without. I also want my own house so that I can plant lots of stuff outside, where they will hopefully be easier to take care of than they've been in pots for the past couple years. At least I won't have my roommate's cat around trying to eat them... My dad, of course, laughs at me when he hears about my house plans- especially when I get dragged into helping out with repairs or work around their place :)

Is that enough for now? Any questions? Have I scared/confused anyone yet? Given you way too much information that you didn't care to hear? (Well, don't complain too much 'cause I left out bunches! And it's not like I made you read! :)But if you are still curious, see the mailing address below *grin*

(And if you really want to be scared... here's a slightly fuzzy picture of me taken a couple years ago when I had no hair...)

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